What is created in our workshop

The main activity of the portal is to allow institutions to reach their customers through the most modern forms of online advertising. Projects and Virtuality of the company aims to create a virtual panorama of the companies that I could in an interactive way to advertise your prospective customers a full range of services.
The portal has been made in technology ASPX. Net, using the MS SQL database.


CalcTask is a tool to create and use various calculators, which are based on values of input parameters calculate the value of the output parameters and present them in a user defined window . You can build calculators capable of:
- calculate the standard written arithmetic,
- allow the use of logarithmic and trigonometric functions;
- and - what distinguishes this program from others - to build tables that define the functions of one and two variables from experimental data and use these values in the computational algorithms.


Program Broker
The program lets you make a purchase (online) civil liability insurance of the vehicle.
The program selects from among the cheapest offer available. Introduction of new bids and the determination algorithm of calculating the contribution, as well as the introduction and modification of the parameters affecting the level of contributions is done by trained and authorized employees of the brokerage. The program is prepared to enter into sales of other types of insurance. The program consists of two modules: WebBroker - part of the Website and WinBroker - the local part for managing and administration of the whole associated with Microsoft SQL Server database. More ... (Polish)

The program is completed, the decision to implement one of the brokerage company.

Program System Telegram
STelegram program is a kind of communicator designed for large and medium sized businesses. The Telegram program allows you to send messages among respondents to the company network. Unlike other IM programs allow you to determine whether the message was sent by the respondent received and read.
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Registration system of technological operations using barcodes
The program works with program Profit
The program allows for the registration of the implementation (or more start and end of execution) process operation, recording a person performing the operation and the number of pieces: made and deficiencies.
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